Missouri Fox Trotter

The breed is known for its unique place, known as the Fox Trot (passage of Zorro), a diagonal stroke and four in which the horse appears to walk with its front legs and trot to the rear. The march, however, is not a patter of footsteps, has a clear pattern of diagonal movement, which makes it extremely comfortable.

The Fox Trotter is a native of Missouri, USA, and is also known for his meekness, endurance and strength. These Horses have a friendly disposition, and with a very firm stand. They are generally of good height, between 14 and 16 hands, born in most equine coat colors, but also solid colors including paint stain which is our line in Rancho España.

The horse was preferred by the Sheriff, the physician or mail because they had to travel long distances and were looking for a horse comfortable allowing them to spend much time riding, is a breed of horse that combines the features of shape, strength, availability for work, safety on their way and above all comfort.

Rancho España, has been defined from the outset by love, passion and dedication to the American paint horses, and in 2000, we imported the first copies (15 mares) of the Paint Horse Race and 2 pimps which we crossed and selected the best females to our lineage, until in 2009 that we imported our first horse of the Missouri Fox Trotter breed (CHIEF) to cross with mares Paint Horse, achieving very good step-trotting colts.

Our stallion CHIEF (1997-2010) was a great FOX TROTTER Homozygous Paint horse who has given us 34 beautiful colts (21H-13M) all born with the Paint gene and with which we are implementing this junction in the Dominican Republic.