It’s a Dairy Animal of small body, from the Isle of Jersey and on which there are different opinions who believe that this breed descended from the Breton or Norman or Germanic dairy cattle.  It is possible that the reality is that they have crossed the cattle of Brittany and Normandy for several centuries, and that selection was achieved by setting a uniform rate of dairy animal features.

Short horns, with black tips; Skeleton thin, thin limbs with dark hooves, udder well developed and formed.  The height at the withers is about 1.35 m. the weight of the cows is between 300 and 400 kg and bulls about 500 kg. Within its expertise, which is demanding, animals are considered rustic.

In relation to its size, is an excellent milk production that can reach up to 10,000 kg to 6% fat.

In Rancho España we have 100 head of these cattle (pure and crossbred) in which we are basing the assembly of a proposed dairy products (cheese, butter, yogurt, ice cream, etc...) to take advantage of the excellent oil yield.