Blonde D'Aquitaine or (Blond) is our meat cattle, native from the southwest France, Aquitaine: The Blonde or Ruby is a cross of three races: "Garonnaise, Quercy and the Blonde Pyrenees." Encouraged giving a yellow-skinned (Blonde) compliant, with very strong legs, which easily adapts to all climates, especially in hot countries.  Their high fertility is accompanied by an exceptional calving ease for large animals, which is explained by the morphology of the pelvis of the mother cows and longilinear shape of newborn calves.  Blond animals are extremely long.

In 2004, Rancho España implanted 30 embryos from which we obtained eight large calves (six females - two males) and inseminated more than 60 crossbred beef cattle acquired in the local market, thus heavier animals, with highest growth rate muscle and a spectacular return in excess of 65%.

We currently have a male in Spain (CARIBE) which exceeded the weight of record in his first year with 725 kilos live weight, and with 5 years weigh more than 1.700 kilos. He spent several years donating his genetic in the Aberekin Insemination Centre in Bilbao, getting more than 15,000 doses, which are available on the market.

In Rancho España we have three direct children that are used for crossing with our mother cows and sell for life or improvement of breeds, the males resulting from these crosses.