We are a ranch dedicated to the breeding of:

• AMERICAN PAINT (Chair Paint Horses)
• MINI HORSES (Miniature Horses)
• BLONDE DE AQUITAINE (Blonde) (Meat Cattle)
• JERSEY (Dairy Cattle)

Our main goal is to raise animals for LIFE (sire or pimps) and improve the genetics of these races in the Dominican Republic, with the goal of soon export to neighboring countries, including the USA.

We are pioneers in importing to the island the race BLONDE DE AQUITAINE (Blonde) LIMOUSSINE, ASTURIANA DE LOS VALLES from Europe, through artificial insemination and embryo transplantation, besides the AMERICAN PAINT HORSES, MISSOURI FOX TROTTER and MINI HORSES PAINT.

We participate in all agricultural fairs since 2003, garnering several triumphs and trophies of our cattle (Meat and Dairy) and our horses.